Gāyatrī upāsana & countryside walk


Join me in my home for this event to learn the Gāyatrī upāsana and spend time with lovely people. Please read details of the program below.

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Gāyatrī upāsana
Gathering in Belgium (Liège area)
Sunday June 19
10am – 5pm


I have always enjoyed organising my classes to feel like a gathering, arranging food, chai, puja-s, healthy snacks and having the time to know the community. Having moved here from India, this was my social life until it had to move entirely online since Covid. I hope my online classes also carry some of that energy, I like knowing our community by their names and making everyone feel welcome.

I’m hosting the first one-day gathering in June, in the countryside in Belgium to revive my old style of in-person teaching. I already have many confirmations to the event, therefore limited spots are left. Here’s what the day will look like (with LOTS of breaks for social time):

9AM :
Doors open & light breakfast (if you wish to arrive earlier, please do!!)

10AM :
Gaṇapati mantra japa
Gāyatrī upāsana – background & tradition
Learn/Practice invocation mantras

Morning tea break

11.30am – 12.30pm

The Gāyatrī extended mantra practice
Saṅkalpa introduction

12.30pm – 1.00pm
Pre-lunch break 🙂

1pm – 2pm
LUNCH by in-house chef and artist Anne Löper

2pm – 3pm:

Walk in the countryside
Table tennis (if it rains!)

3pm – 4pm:

Prāṇāyāma with Gāyatrī mantra
Sātvika tyāga mantra

4pm – 4.15pm:
Quick tea break

4.15pm – 5pm
Gāyatrī upāsana led practice

5pm – 6pm
Chai/snack/prepare to leave or stay longer

You will:

  1. Learn a profound practice of the Gāyatrī mantra including a Saṅkalpa (an intention/vow), Prāṇāyāma with mental recitation of an extended form of Gāyatrī mantra followed by japa (repetition of mantra for specific counts). This practice is open to all seekers with Śraddhā (devoted commitment) as the main qualification.
  2. Get access to the self-paced Gāyatrī Upāsana course on the Veda Studies platform.
  3. Be able to join our weekly online practice (with either Eddie Stern on Sundays or with Shantala on Tuesdays).
  4. Enjoy a gathering in the countryside with the local Veda Studies community ❤️.


A participation of €50 will be welcome which will help us get organised to receive a group and make sure it is a comfortable day with healthy food, snacks, drinks etc. I am not taking any teaching fee for this gathering. Once you register, you will receive an email with the exact address and any instructions on what to bring etc!