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Veda Belgium


Veda Belgium offers recitation classes, courses and workshops of Vedic texts in Brussels. The chanting of the Vedas is a meditative first step towards understanding this sacred poetry. Handed down through śruti parampara or oral tradition over millennia, strict rules of recitation are observed, requiring your complete attention and concentration during the practice. These Vedic hymns were revealed to the great sages of ancient India in deep meditative states. Veda mantras are therefore mystical poetry that hold secrets which through recitation, study and meditation will reveal themselves. Our classes help aspirants understand the deeper meaning of the Vedas and their relevance in our daily modern lives.

Benefits of reciting the vedas

  • Discover the source texts of Yoga in a meditative way
  • Learn aspects of the Vedas that directly impact personal growth
  • Study the Vedas as a practitioner, not as an academic
  • Develop your ability to concentrate
  • Bring the mind to a calm space through this practice
  • Go beyond the postural aspect of yoga


Weekly study courses on Yoga texts and Veda Mantras that run from 3 to 16 weeks.

Community events

Free classes for all levels to experience the power of mantras from the Vedas.


Short form workshops open to all levels of students


Over 40+ courses available for self-paced study.

Shantala is a brilliant teacher, impeccable with everything, a real professional in Vedic chanting, she really knows her stuff. It is a pleasure to follow classes and workshops with her, I strongly recommend!

Francesca Di Rosso Batič, Brussels

Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Space Brussels

Shantala’s trainings have enriched my own teaching, deepened my approach to the Vedas, enhance me to continue my personal practice and self-development.  Shantala guides her students smoothly through the tradition of Vedic chanting and with great clarity.  My deepest gratitude for this gift and her teachings that will continue to ripple through my life.

Nathalie Bonaventure, Bornem

Yoga Teacher, Shala Samsara

Shantala puts heart into Mantra chanting and her teachings. She is always there with her smile on her face, trying to be compassionate with anybody who sits in the class – either a person who is advanced or complete beginner who has never seen some Sanskrit written word. From first lesson, you can feel her love and dedication to chanting and spirituality. She is a vigorous student who tries to study with many renowned Indian mantra teachers and then share knowledge with her students. I highly recommend becoming a student of hers:)

Stanislava Benova Cifra, Brussels

Yoga Teacher, Myogis Shala