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Courses on Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali

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The classical text on Yoga, compiled by sage Patañjali is a collection of four chapters with 196 aphorisms, which through the interpretation of a teacher can guide your understanding and practice of meditative Yoga. These courses are suitable for students of Yoga who are seeking more than what modern postural yoga offers.

The main method of transmission is the chanting of the Sūtras through which you will learn the special vocabulary of Yoga and improve your confidence in using Sanskrit yogic terminology. The chanting also brings the mind to a state of calm, preparing you to receive the teaching in an efficient way.

Some of the outcomes of studying these courses:

  • Learn the vocabulary of the Yoga Sūtras.
  • Understand the central message of Yoga according to Patañjali.
  • Discover an efficient and meditative method of study versus a dry academic study.
  • Gain an insight into the traditional commentaries which helps in a deeper understanding the Yoga Sūtras.
  • Make space for your svādhāya or practice of continuous study.
  • Have a comprehensive overview of each chapter

Courses usually commence twice a year – in January and in September. While you can start your study with either chapter 1 or 2, chapters 3 & 4 can only be studied if you have a good understanding of the first two chapters.

This course will now take place completely online!

Next start date: September 7, 2021 Learn More