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Frequently Asked Questions

It's my first time in a chanting class, what can I expect?

Always check the level of class before you sign up for the first time. If you are a complete beginner, all the Friday evening Mantra Meditation sessions are very suitable. You can drop-in for a single class and experience the teaching method and also immediately benefit from the group experience. All levels join this class. You will receive the text you need, you will repeat after the teacher word by word. The mantras for these sessions are usually short and is repeated 108 times or for a set amount of time. The meaning of the mantra is also explained to you. You do not need any previous experience to come to these classes.

If you want to join a course or workshop – please check the level, each course/workshop will indicate whether or not it is suitable for beginners. You can always send an email or talk to me if still in doubt.

Do you have courses for complete beginners?

At least twice a year I try to organise a workshop to initiate beginners into the practice of Veda recitation, this can give you a comfortable start to most of the courses. It is best to subscribe to our newsletter to receive information on new courses published.

I really want to join the Tuesday morning course but I am a complete beginner!

In the past I have had complete beginners also join an intermediate level course and still completely enjoy the learning process, it all depends on you! For each of the Veda chanting courses on Tuesday morning, all the rules of recitation are explained each time. So it is possible to study for a beginner. You will also receive access to our online platform for study, which will help you with practice in between classes.

What are the prices for the different classes?

The class fee for the Mantra Meditation evening classes that take place once a month is 15EUR. For all the other courses and workshops, you have to see each specific event as the fees will vary depending on the time and complexity of the course. All prices with registration process is mentioned in detail with each event.

Do I need to have a background in music?

Veda chanting is not singing. It is ‘recitation’. The difference is that music uses 7 notes, whereas chanting uses 3 notes (and a special 4th note). While a background in music is helpful, it is not required. Veda chanting requires good listening, concentration and energy for breath work. You need to practice consistently and over a long period of time to achieve competence.