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Mantra Meditations

Open to all levels and especially suitable for beginners, the evening mantra meditation classes are usually held once a month on Friday evenings. Through these classes, you can learn various short mantras for peace (śānti mantras), the techniques for doing japa (repeating a mantra), the nuances of pronunciation, the Sanskrit alphabet to refine your practice and learn to work with mantra for inner transformation. The classes are usually a duration of 1 hour and you do not require any previous experience to join us.

Some of the outcomes of a mantra meditation class are:

  • Experience the immediately calming benefit of repeating a mantra in a small group.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation and meaning of important Vedic mantras.
  • Learn about the different cosmic powers according to the Vedas and their psychological equivalent we awaken and develop through the practice.
  • This is a great way to see if you wish to study a course which requires a longer time commitment from you.
  • Start your weekend right!


Oṃ chanting: Study the significance of Oṃ as explained in texts like the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali or the Bhagavad Gīta followed by a 30 minutes practice of chanting with the group.

Shanti Mantras: Learn various mantras for peace from the Upaniṣads, which help protect the reciter from agitations in three realms – internal, external and cosmic.

The Sanskrit syllables: This will be your greatest investment to a serious practice of mantra. Quite like a competent physiotherapist having a deep understanding of anatomy, we need to know the workings of the Sanskrit alphabet for an effective mantra practice.

The mantra meditation evenings are usually held once a month.

Please note – these meditation classes are on hold indefinitely. Please access our self-paced online courses if you are interested in developing a mantra meditation practice. We recommend these two courses:

Overcoming Obstacles with Gaṇeśa

Oṃ namaḥ śivāya


Next start date:  30 July 2021: Bhū  – mother  earth  mantra  meditation