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Veda Studies Hampi Retreat 2024


Final rooms!

Thank you for your interest in the Veda Studies Hampi Retreat from Sunday 24 (early evening) to Friday 29 November 2024 (noon). Please carefully read the full comprehensive description below this form at the bottom of the page before making your selections. All prices and surcharges are per person and based on 2 or more persons sharing a room (except for the room upgrade). This page is best viewed on a desktop computer!

If you book for yourself, make your selections and add one ticket to the cart. If you book for multiple persons, add multiple tickets to your cart. Then go the Checkout page to complete your order. Veda Studies reviews if you meet the requirements to join the retreat, and if your preferred room is still available. Upon confirmation, you are requested to pay a non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee. The bank details and a payment link will be shared in our confirmation email (this is NOT the email immediately following this reservation). Do not make any payment until we confirm your spot. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information or special requests.

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Room choice * 

In what kind of room would you like to stay? If you travel alone and would like to have a private room, you must select the single room with the surcharge, which is €800 for the Nivasa Suite. For the Zenana Suite it is €925 and for the Jal Mahal Suite €1225, the totals will be adjusted after your reservation!

Room category

If you want an upgrade from the Nivasa Deluxe Suite (75m2) to a more luxurious Suite, you can indicate that below. This upgrade is only available for Single and Double rooms, not for twin rooms. An additional bed can be placed into the larger suites (e.g. for 2 parents and a child). Upgrades are upon request, availability, and incur a surcharge per room.

Additional matters

Is there anything you would like to share, such as food allergies? Or do you have any questions or comments at this point?

Additional guests (partners, children, friends)

Will your partner, your child(ren), or a friend accompany you to Hampi but not join the official Veda Studies program? They will not be able to join the teaching, chanting, meditation and yoga sessions, but they are welcome to join all meals, the visits to Hampi, and enjoy the hotel facilities. If someone joins you, please describe below who that is and in case it’s a child his or her age. We require full names of each guest. Veda Studies will contact you with an updated reservation request and revised price (this depends on age, room category and room type). If nobody accompanies you, please leave empty or write “not applicable”.

Extra nights

If you take the Bangalore – Vidyanagar (Hampi) flight on Sunday 24 November and the return on Friday 29 November you will be able to join the entire program. Veda Studies will let you know when the flights are open for reservations. If you would like to arrive earlier or stay longer, you can indicate that here and we will get you in touch with the reservations department of the Kamalapura Palace.

Payment plan

Upon confirmation of your reservation, Veda Studies requires a €500 non-refundable non-transferable reservation fee (4 days after reservation). The rest of the participation fee should be received by bank transfer or credit card transfer by 30 August 2024 (we can send a payment link and bank details). Alternatively, you can opt for an instalments plan over 3 months, starting 1 August and until 1 October An administrative fee of €15 will be added to each instalment. After receiving your reservation, Veda Studies will confirm this payment plan. You can select “None” if you would like to pay in one time.


Kamalapura Palace

Please read the below information first before making your selections.

Room choice
Our retreat takes place in one of India’s most exquisite hotels: the Kamalapura Palace in Hampi. You can choose between various room types: single, double, twins, or multiple-bed rooms. There are four different room categories: The Nivasa Suite (standard choice), the Nilaya Terrace Suites (surcharge), the Zenana Palace Suite (surcharge, at request), and the Jal Mahal Royal Suite (surcharge, at request). If you travel alone, or as a couple / family, you can choose one of the more luxurious suites, but not if you travel alone and would like to share a suite.

  • Single room: 1 large bed for 1 person, a surcharge of €800 applies for the Nivasa Suite. Note, for the Zenana Suite it is €925 and for the Jal Mahal Suite €1225, the totals will be adjusted after your reservation!
  • Double room, 1 large bed for 2 persons, you must book for 2 people
  • Twin/triple room, 2-3 single beds for 2-3 friends sharing, you must book for 2-3 people (separate bookings possible, only Nivasa Suites)
  • Twin/triple room, 2-3 single beds for solo travelers who want to share a room to avoid the single surcharge (only Nivasa Suites)



Twin room Nivasa

Only some of the Nivasa Suites have a twin bed setup. A comfortable third bed may be added to the room for our room sharing service. An additional bed may also be added to all other suites (upon request, e.g. for a child).

Room sharing
If you travel alone and would like to avoid the single-room surcharge, you can opt for a twin/triple room to share with (an)other participant(s). These rooms have 2-3 beds and are male or female. You will not have to find (a) room partner(s) yourself. Veda Studies introduces all solo travelers who want to share their room. You can mutually agree to share a room with another participant at the beginning of the retreat. Note that room sharing is in principle in a triple room, with 3 single beds.


Nivasa Suite
Nivasa – Deluxe Suite (no surcharge)
An elegantly designed palace suite inspired by the architectural heritage of the Vijayanagara Empire. With up to 75 m2 (815 sqft) of private space, the Nivasa is a spacious suite with separate living, sleeping and dining areas. It also has a balcony with a shallow water-jet pool (yakuzi). A large double bed with a richly caparisoned canopy adds a touch of royal decadence to the suite. The large en-suite bathroom comes with twin washbasins, a large bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. It also provides access to the Water-jet Pool.


Nilaya Suite
Nilaya Terrace Suite (surcharge – FULLY BOOKED)
A perfect blend of historical elegance and modern luxury, the Nilaya terrace suite is reflective of a bygone era of gracious living. Ideal for couples who prefer extra space and privacy. With up to 100 m2 (1100 sqft) of private space, the Nilaya terrace suite comes with a private terrace and an in-room shallow water-jet pool (yakuzi). It also boasts of separate living, dining and sleeping areas. A large double bed with a richly caparisoned canopy adds to the regal ambience and also provides a touch of romance. The large en-suite bathroom has twin washbasins, a large bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. A large window overlooks the in-room Water-jet Pool. Surcharge applies.


Zenana Palace Suite (surcharge)
Inspired by the Queen’s Quarters and characterized by understated elegance and luxury, the Zenana suites in the main palace building are perfect for couples seeking romance in a period setting. With up to 110 m2 (1254 sqft) of private space, the Zenana suites have separate living, dining and sleeping areas. In addition, they have an in-room shallow Water-jet pool (yakuzi) and a private balcony. A large double bed with a richly caparisoned canopy, elegant furnishing and period furniture create a regal and relaxing atmosphere. The large and spacious en-suite bathroom comes with twin washbasins, a large bathtub and a separate shower stall. Surcharge applies.


Jal Mahal - Suite
Jal Mahal Suite (surcharge)
Built in the Vijayanagara Royal Style, the Jal Mahal is a reflection of Vijayanagara architecture at its luxurious best. Inspired by the Water Palace within the Zenana Enclosure, it is best for families or couples. With up to 240m2 (2660 sq.ft.) of private space, the Jal Mahal boasts of separate dining, living and sleeping areas. A private deck with a Mantapa overlooking your personal swimming pool. The separate bedroom comes with a richly caparisoned canopy double bed and comfortable lounge chairs. Large bay windows overlook and provide access to your private pool. A royal-sized bathroom with a separate changing and bathing area boasting a luxurious bathtub. An open courtyard with an outdoor and a twin shower stall completes the picture. Surcharge applies.


Costs for additional guests
If your partner, child or a friend wants to join, they are more than welcome to stay at the Kamalapura Palace. They can join all meals and the guided visits to the Hampi ruins, enjoy the hotel facilities (spa, pool, reading room etc), but not the actual teaching, meditation, or yoga parts. Children 0-5 years old pay only €250. Children 6-11 get 50% discount. Children 12-17 get 35% discount. Accompanying adults get 25% discount. To reserve their spot, please indicate who will join and what room category and room type you woud like and we will get back to you with a detailed calculation.

Reservation fee, final payment, and payment plans
A non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee of €500 per person becomes due upon confirmation of your reservation. We first need to confirm you meet all the minimum requirements and check whether your preferred room is still available. Once we confirm your spot, you are required to pay the reservation fee within 4 days. The final amount becomes due by 31 August 2024. All payments should be transferred to the Veda Studies bank account in Belgium (transfer costs are for the sender). Payments by credit card are possible, not by PayPal. Payment plans are available for the remaining amount with payments over 3 months, from 1 August to 1 October. An additional fee of €15 will be added to each instalment.

Refund policy
You may cancel up to 3 calendar months in advance of the start of the event for a full refund minus the non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee of €500. Up until 2 calendars months in advance of the start of the event you will receive a 50% refund of the total fee. Within 2 calendar months, there will be no more refunds.

Arriving earlier, departing later
If you plan to arrive in Hampi before Sunday 24 November, or stay after Friday 29 November, you can make a booking for additional nights at the Kamalapura Palace. We will inform participants how to do this. First check on what days Alliance Air flies, because it may not go on your desired dates. The hotel can arrange flights + transfers from Bangalore to Vidyanagar Airport (and back). Be aware that Veda Studies and the hotel cannot organize the room sharing service for these additional nights, so it’s primarily meant for solo travelers, couples/families and 2 friends sharing a room. If you travel alone and arrive early or stay longer, you may want to book another hotel in Hampi (e.g. through

Do not book your flights until Veda Studies confirms your booking. As of end February 2024, the Alliance Air flights from Bangalore to Hampi (Vidyanagar Airport, VDY) are not yet open for reservations and flight times need to be confirmed. Calculate about 5500-7000 INR (€60-80) for a return flight, including one suitcase of 15kg (additional kgs for purchase). Through the hotel prices start at 9000 INR for a return flight including transfer. We understand there won’t be any flights offered from Hyderabad in 2024. Use Google Chrome to visit the Alliance Air website. In various guide books, Hubli Airport (Hubballi) is also mentioned. Be aware it will take 3,5-4 hours by taxi from there.

Unless you plan a longer stay in India, we advise those coming only for the retreat to carefully plan their international / intercontinental flights. It is unlikely you can fly on a single ticket including the Bangalore – Hampi flights. If you miss your connection, the airline will not reschedule you. Therefore, you have to reserve sufficient time for the transfer at Bangalore airport (both ways). If you arrive the evening/night before, we advise to stay at the Taj BLR Airport hotel. Other quality hotels are in the city (45-60 minutes transfer). Many low quality hotels present themselves as airport hotels, but they are not close to the airport.

Bus transportation & taxi to Hampi
After careful consideration, we will not offer a shared bus service to / from Hampi. The flights are cheap and convenient. However, you can rent a comfortable and safe taxi from the airport or Bangalore city. We strongly advise to get a large car (e.g. Toyota Innova) and not to travel during the night to Hampi (to Bangalore is fine). We can inform you in due time about which are the most reliable companies. There are some trains, but they depart late night or very early morning. We therefore advise not to go by train.

Some key rules
By joining this retreat, you guarantee that you are in good physical and mental health. If you suffer from any conditions that may interfere with a proper conduct of the Vedic chanting teachings, meditations and/or the additional program parts (e.g. the outings to the Hampi ruins), you are required to indicate this upon registration. Veda Studies or the hotel, cannot make special last-minute arrangements, and possibly participation may be denied upon reservation.

By joining this retreat, you agree to behave respectfully to your teacher, other Veda Studies staff, hotel staff, guides and fellow students. You also agree to demonstrate respect for the local culture, dress in an appropriate way (you will receive additional instructions well before the start), eat vegetarian/vegan, do not drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke cigarettes (or alternatives).

You agree that photos, videos and / or audio is taken from this event that may include your face or voice. Veda Studies cannot accept you if you do not agree to this.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I opt for room sharing, do I have to find a room partner(s)?
No, the whole point of room sharing is that you don’t have to do this. You will never have to search yourself. Of course, in case you do find a room partner before the retreat, you can share the room together upon approval by Veda Studies only. Be aware there will likely be a 3rd person in the room.

Can Veda Studies arrange my visa?
Veda Studies cannot help you with getting a visa. Veda Studies is registered in Belgium and does not have any status in India. Most participants can now arrange an e-visa before departure, but for more information visit the website of the Indian embassy in your country. Ensure to arrange your visa well before departure because there may be (long) waiting times if you do need to visit an Embassy, Consulate or Visa Center.

Can Veda Studies help booking my flights?
You must make your own travel arrangements. Early bookings generally give you better fees, but not necessarily the lowest. We advise to look first at Google flights, and possibly register for flight fee notifications on your route. If you want to see more of India, consider flying into Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Delhi, if you can find a good fare for those destinations and then take domestic flights to Hampi.

Do I need to take any vaccinations?
You must consult with your own healthcare provider and the Indian Embassy in your country. Citizens from certain countries may be required to get specific vaccinations.
What about your Covid policy?
Veda Studies follows the rules by the State of Karnataka and India. The hotel may have its owns health and safety protocol in place. You are personally responsible for following the rules of the airlines you are traveling, and with the regulations to leave and come back to your own country or the countries you visit on your way to and from India.
What insurance should I take?
We highly recommend getting a comprehensive travel & cancellation insurance. Traveling without a good travel insurance is a really bad decision. It is essential to be covered for various emergences. Your national health insurance will for instance not cover medical expenses in India or while traveling to/from India. A travel insurance is therefore obligatory.
In addition, you may want to get a cancelation insurance. If you must cancel the trip for several pre-defined reasons (e.g. illness or death in family), your insurance may refund you for non-recuperable expenses, such as flight tickets and participation fee. You may also enquire about a cancel-for-all-reasons insurance in your country. These are not offered everywhere, but it would allow you to cancel for a wider number of reasons beyond the regular cancelation insurance. If you travel more often, an annual insurance may be financially interesting. If you book your flight ticket, your credit card may also include some form of insurance, but generally these serve as a secondary insurance for the travel-related expenses paid with the card (it depends greatly on your credit card!). Please be aware that Veda Studies is not liable in any way for any emergency that may happen in India or on your way to/from the retreat. Veda Studies cannot cover any unforeseen expenses, such as for your hospitalization or repatriation. Put shortly, take a good insurance!
What happens when the retreat gets cancelled?
Veda Studies has the right to cancel the event for any reason. This will only be done in exceptional circumstances. We will only do so after looking at all possibilities to go ahead with the event. If we do cancel the event, you will be refunded for the full participation fee (including reservation fee), but not for any other expenses you already made (including flights, visa costs, additional hotel nights, lost work time etc). There are, however, other exceptional circumstances that prevent us from going ahead with the event, such as lockdowns, dangerous political situations etc. In circumstances that are out of our control, no refunds will be given.
What is the dress code?
Shantala will inform you about the dress code well before the start of the retreat.
What will the meals be like?
All meals will be 100% vegetarian with vegan options, and generally they are served in buffet-style. Drinking alcohol will not be allowed during the retreat. Thank you for your understanding.
How will the outings to Hampi work?
More specific information will be shared at a later date. We will all go together in a bus or minivans. There will be multiple specialized guides who will take us to various ruins. Be aware that the walking paths may be rocky, uphill or sandy, so proper walking shoes are required (sneakers are fine). If you are not in a good condition, you may not be able to follow the entire tour. Also, at certain sites you are required to take off your shoes and walk bare feet.
Disclaimer: All texts and pictures on this page are for descriptive and illustrative purposes only. Although we have put the utmost effort into providing a true representation of the various rooms, Veda Studies is not responsible for errors on this page and the final room may differ.