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Terms and Conditions

Also Veda Studies has to have some rules to make sure everyone knows what to expect when joining our events,
or taking our self-paced courses. Upon making a booking on our website(s), you are required to accept our terms.

About Veda Studies B.V.
Veda Studies B.V. is registered in Belgium as a limited company under registration number 0783.571.443, with VAT number BE0783.571.443, at the address Veda Studies B.V., Temselaan 100a, 1853 Grimbergen, Belgium. Our phone number is +32.495.345.144 (strictly for administrative purposes).

Also Veda Studies has to have some rules to make sure everyone knows what to expect when joining our events or taking our self-paced courses. Upon making a booking on our website(s), you are required to accept our terms.

I. General Introduction to the Veda Studies Terms & Conditions
To make an online booking for one of our live events, you must accept these terms & conditions during the online booking process on our website.  Therefore you are advised to carefully read these terms & conditions before confirming your booking. 

Veda Studies B.V., operating under the name Veda Studies and Veda Belgium, offers a variety of self-paced and live courses in Vedic Chanting and related disciplines, as well as a live in-person events in Belgium and other countries. To follow these course and to our these events you need to make a booking on our website or During the booking process you will be required to agree with these terms & conditions.

These terms & conditions are only available in English because this is the language of teaching and virtually all our students understand English.

II. Definitions

Veda Studies uses the following definitions in these terms:
Our website = and
We / us = Veda Studies
You = Our website visitor, student, or participant, who is making an online purchase for an online course or live online or live in-person event on our website.
Participant = The person who participates in the event
Event = This refers to any live online or in-person event offered on our site.

The latest version of this document is of 20 December 2023. Whenever we change it, the date on this document changes and we’ll notify our subscribers through our newsletter. By making a booking for one of our events your explicitly agree with the terms set forth in this document.  Veda Studies does not necessarily keep copies of older versions of these terms, so we recommend you save or print the terms you have accepted at the time of booking.

III. Purchasing an online course – booking a ticket for an event
Veda Studies publishes many online self-paced courses. As a visitor to our website you are invited to learn more about these courses and to purchases access on our our online booking platform. A contract with Veda Studies will come into force after you have completed all steps in the booking processes, or if you have made a direct booking by phone, email or in person.

Veda Studies publishes various events on its website.  As a visitor to our website you are invited to learn more about these events and to submit a booking request through our online booking platform. A contract with Veda Studies will come into force after you have completed all steps in the booking processes, or if you have made a direct booking by phone, email or in person.

  1. a) On our webpage you select the specific event or the specific online course that you are interested in.
  2. b) You carefully read the information provided to make sure you fully understand what we offer, such as date(s), times, location, included items, course length, possible personal feedback, and anything else that is applicable for that course or that event.
  3. c) You click on the button to start the reservation process and add an event ticket or course access to the cart.
  4. g) Next, you continue the shopping process by returning to the homepage and add another course or another event ticket to your cart, or you can continue to the shopping cart page by clicking the button.
  5. h) On the Shopping cart page you can update the number of event tickets or course access in your cart. Also you can apply a coupon by entering the coupon code, which gives you a discount on the shopping cart total. Subsequently, you click on the button to go to the Checkout.
  6. i) On the Checkout page you fill out your Billing Address. All details with a red asterisk are required. This data is gathered to ensure your payment is accepted. All information will be stored in a secure database and will not be shared, sold or given away to a third party. For more information on the data we gather on our website, please review our privacy policy.
  7. j) To pay for your order, first review your cart and ensure that possible discount codes have been properly entered. Consequently choose your preferred payment method and click on the button to finalise your order. Veda Studies offers various payment methods through the Multisafepay platform (e.g. Sofort Banking, Bancontact, Maestro, iDeal, Master Card and Visa Card), as well as bank payments. For some events or trips one can only pay by regular bank transfer. In that case you checkout (= make an actual booking) without immediate payment. The transfer of the indicated sum should happen within 2 days after booking, unless otherwise indicated during the booking process. Checkout by bank transfer does not mean we preliminary reserve your spot or give you access to the online course. You are making an actual reservation that must be paid in full.
  8. k) All booking requests for events by you are definitive and cannot be cancelled without a cancellation fee. Veda Studies doesn’t offer a “cooling off” period, which is in line with Belgian consumer law for event and travel services. When the payment has been made, or when you indicate to book by bank transfer, your booking request is in principle confirmed. After your booking request, Veda Studies will analyze your booking for availability and possible legibility, and inform you whether we can confirm your booking request.

In the unlikely event that we cannot accept your booking request, Veda Studies will send you an email that your booking request cannot be met at the moment. We will offer you an alternative. If you already paid, you will be fully refunded. No cancellation or administrative fees will be charged in those instances.

  1. l) In case of non-payment or if the client performs a credit card chargeback, Veda Studies will send 2 reminder notifications by email to make the transfer. If the client does not respond, Veda Studies will forward the entire reservation file and other supporting documents to a debt collecting agency. The order amount will then be increased with €50 administrative costs + €47,50 base fee by the debt collecting agency + 1% monthly interests charges + possible fees charged by the credit card company and payment platform (starting at €750 for a second chargeback). Should Veda Studies be successful in the dispute of a chargeback, the client will no longer have rights to a refund.
  2. m) In case of a direct booking by phone, by email or in person, the total sum, unless another amount has been explicitly agreed upon (e.g. monthly instalments), shall be transferred by regular bank transfer and received in our bank account within two working days. You must also send an email with a print screen of the final confirmation page of the online transfer process to
  3. Once a booking is made and accepted by Veda Studies, changes to the event booking are upon request and dealt with on a one by one basis. The prices for these changes are calculated on a case by case basis and may not be the same as offered when the booking was initially made.

IV. Event details
On our website you will find all details of our events.  On the events calendar page you will find an overview of all upcoming events, both online as in-person. By clicking the links you will get to the event page with all details about the event or trip trip. Veda Studies reserves the right to make some changes to the program if circumstances require to do so, including start times and agenda. Special conditions mentioned on the individual event pages apply to the ticket(s) booked for that event or trip, including but not limited to special cancellation terms.

The price of our event tickets and course access is clearly indicated on the event and course pages, respectively. Veda Studies reserves the right to change its prices at any time without prior notice, without affecting those contracts that have already come into force before the change.

In most cases special (super) early-bird tickets may be available. Availability may be based on a specific set number defined by us (we reserve also the right to change this number at any time without prior notice) or by a specific date, or any combination thereof.

Veda Studies may provide discounts to its members. This can be a general discount for everybody during a certain time period, a discount based on a discount code given to select or all members, normally limited by a certain period or a certain number of used codes. Discounts will never be given retroactively. Discount codes that are given to specific persons may only be used by those persons and cannot be used by anyone else, including those travelling with the person who is allowed to benefit from the discount. Some discount codes are given to a specific group, such as everyone on a specific trip. Those codes can only be used by the individuals in that group and only once.

For all our events with a participation fee, full pre-payment is required. Most of the time the amounts mentioned are the full prices for the event. However, in some cases a rest amount has to be paid by bank transfer or right before the event. This will be clearly indicated on the event- pages.

In case you make a booking without an immediate online payment (e.g. by credit card), you are kindly requested to transfer the amount to our bank account within 2 business days, or immediately if so agreed upon during the reservation. Despite that you do not pay immediately online, note that you make an actual reservation that is legally binding and that regular cancellation fees apply. The transfer date is leading for apportioned discounts such as early-bird fees.  At the same time, we can only confirm your reservation after a successful transfer.

All prices on our website are including applicable Belgian VAT.

V. Warranties

  1. If you book an event on our website, or if you purchase access to an online self-paced course, you warrant and declare to us that:
  2. a) the data you provide in your booking request, or in relation to your booking request, are complete and accurate;
  3. b) You are minimum 18 years old and are capable to enter into legally binding contracts, and have the full power to agree to these online booking conditions and other policies of Veda Studies, such as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  4. c) You can attend the event at the mentioned date, time and location as published on the event page (changes disregarded). This is also the case for events for which no participation fee is required.
  5. d) You are authentically interested in Vedic chanting and/or related fields, and bring along a proper mindset and are willing to be part of our group for the specific event. For live online events through Zoom, we kindly request to put on your camera. We use their Meeting software and not the Webinar software, specifically so we can see each other.
  6. e) You will conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner before, during and after the event, which includes, but is not limited to, proper behavior during non-class hours and in the online chat room.
  7. f) You will inform us before making a reservation about any condition you may have that may impact the organisation and execution of the live event, including, but not limited to, physical disabilities, allergies, as well as other conditions that may become relevant during an event. Veda Studies does not discriminate, but we need to make sure that we can offer you the same experience as every other guest, and that other guests also receive the experience they expect. For instance, if you cannot walk at a regular speed or cannot climb stairs, you may hold up the group or you may not be able to join certain parts at all. Veda Studies cannot make last-minute changes in the program, and Veda Studies is not responsible for making special arrangements for you, although we of course always do our best to give everyone a nice experience. Therefore Veda Studies cannot be held liable for any (financial) consequences or medical emergencies as a result of you not being able to follow the program. In any case, we will try accommodate any special request in advance, possibly for an additional fee.
  8. g) You will inform the event organization and host before by email ( or during the event about any important matters that may influence your experience or that of other participants, including, but not limited to, delays, negative interactions between you and other participants, problems with the hotel room or other facilities, etcetera. Veda Studies cannot help you if we are not told about your problems.
  9. h) If the Veda Studies event takes place outside of your home country, you are expected to purchase a proper travel insurance for yourself (and your family) for the duration of the event, possibly supplemented with a cancelation insurance. You must be insured for any medical and other emergency that may happen, including repatriation, illness, evacuation, accidents and any other emergency that may arise at the destination or on the trip to your destination. A cancelation insurance may provide financial assistance in case your trip gets cancelled. The coverage depends largely on the insurance company and the country where you purchase it. Veda Studies does not offer a group insurance and cannot offer financial assistance during your participation of our event.

Veda Studies reserves the right to cancel your booking at any moment, without prior notice and without further explanation if your profile or behaviour is not in line with the above, if you do not disclose any important information or condition that may impact a normal execution of the event, without you having a right to a (partial) refund.

VI. Change of dates, times, venues, means of transportation or itinerary, and event cancellations
Veda Studies reserves the right to change the date and time of the event if circumstances require this. Also it may change the venue of the event, the itinerary of trips, the means of transportation (e.g. size of configuration of the bus) or the length (longer or shorter). In general such changes will be a result of exceptional circumstances right before or during the event (e.g. weather conditions, traffic, changed opening hours, changes in coach planning, changes in room availability, or availability of guides.

If possible, such changes will be communicated clearly on our website, by email and/or phone. In case of a significant change (e.g. date or time when it concerns a significant change in starting or end time), you have the right to a full refund.

Veda Studies is, however, not liable for the organisation and course of events that are organised by third parties, but which are visited during a Veda Studies event, such as a largescale public concert or meditation. It is your responsibility to check whether such events have been cancelled or changed. Veda Studies will do its best to inform you properly, but we cannot guarantee this, and we cannot be held liable for possible costs related to or flowing from changes and cancellations. This principle also applies to consequences of changes in the services offered by third parties, regardless of the underlying causes (e.g. bad weather, operational issues or poor communication), such as shorter or canceled guided tours than originally planned, shorter or canceled concerts.

Veda Studies may decide to cancel any event or trip at any time for any reason, both for the group at large as for individuals, such as, but not limited to an insufficient number of registered participants, bad weather forecasts and unusual traffic conditions. Registered participants will get a full refund, including transfer fees. Veda Studies cannot be held liable for any additional costs related to or flowing from such cancellations, such as lost flight tickets, unused hotel rooms, or lost work time. The decision to cancel is at the sole discretion of Veda Studies. For instance, bad weather forecasts cannot be produced as a reason by a participant to force Veda Studies to cancel the event with the right to a refund.

Veda Studies is not liable to refund the participant in case a force majeur (a.k.a. “an act of God”) — which is defined as any event that is beyond the control of Veda Studies or its partners, including, but not limited to exceptional traffic jams (e.g due to an accident, unannounced road closures, police / border controls, extreme weather conditions, etc), unannounced strikes, social unrest, unfavourable weather conditions, war, viral outbreaks, etcetera — influences the originally planned activity of the published event in such a way that the participant cannot enjoy that activity as was expected. No refunds will be given in such cases, even if the eventdid not take place as a result of such causes.

VII. Cancelling or changing your booking, and no-show policy
Veda Studies understands that your plans could change for various reasons. Therefore we maintain a cancellation and change policy compared to industry standards. Unless the cancellation of an event is the decision of Veda Studies, the following cancellation terms apply, regardless of the underlying reason why the participant or traveller cancels, including but not limited to illness, family circumstances, change in other travel plans, work commitments or restrictions, etcetera. In other words, reasons for cancellation outside the “sphere of influence” of Veda Studies do not affect the applicability of the below rules. For instance, if you fall ill right before an event, or a baby sitter cancels, you have a last-minute business trip, or your employer does not allow you to travel to the event location, you cannot claim a full refund because these things are under controlby Veda Studies, nor can we influence them.

Veda Studies does not have one uniform set of cancellation conditions. The ones mentioned below are valid, unless the event page explicitly mentions specific conditions, which can be both more or less stringent, e.g. regarding the deadline for cancellation in order to obtain a full refund.

Only the person who has actually made the booking for an event may cancel or change the booking by sending an email to

You may cancel an event booking:

  1. a) Up until 3 months in advance of the start of the event, you will receive a full refund minus the non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee mentioned on the event page.
  2. b) Up until 2 months in advance of the start of the event, you will receive a 50% refund of the total fee minus the non-refundable and non-transferable reservation fee mentioned on the event page.
  3. c) Within 2 months of the start of the event, you will not receive any refund. In case you had not yet paid, the full original fee must be paid in full nonetheless.
  4. d) All cancellations or changes must be sent to admin@com.
  5. e) If you cancel your participation for an event, and if you are entitled to a refund, Veda Studies generally transfers the amount within 10 working days after the receipt of the cancellation by the same method that you originally used during the booking process or by regular bank transfer.
  6. f) Veda Studies may make exceptions to the aforementioned rules at its sole discretion on a one-by-one basis.


VII. Liability and limitations

Veda Studies is not liable if important information about events you registered for does not arrive by email. Therefore it is essential to always use primary email accounts if you communicate with us or register for an event (do not use an email address solely used for newsletters, online registrations, junk etc). In the same way Veda Studies is not liable if you do not provide us with a correct and active phone number that can be reached before and during an event. We must be able to reach you at all times, and especially before any of the events that you are registered for.

Veda Studies is not liable for any expenses in case of loss or injury resulting from a force majeur event (a.k.a. “an act of God”), which is defined as any event that is beyond the control of Veda Studies or its partners, including but not limited to exceptional traffic jams (e.g due to an accident, unannounced road closures, police / border controls, extreme weather conditions, etc), unannounced strikes, social unrest, war, etc.

Veda Studies is not liable to you with respect to any loss of business, profits, income, revenues, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill.

If you do not have your international travel documentation in order (e.g. passport, ID-card, Visas, COVID certificates), or if are late for an event, or arrive after the communicated meeting time, for any reason beyond the control of Veda Studies, and as a consequence you miss the main activity of the event (e.g. teaching session, meditation session, yoga session) or miss the departure of a transportation (e.g. bus or plane), either before, during, or at the end of the event, you are solely responsible for all resulting costs, including but not limited to unforeseen travel costs, accommodation costs, telecommunications costs etcetera. You explicitly agree that Veda Studies cannot be held liable in any way and are personally responsible for the financial consequences and unforeseen travel arrangements (e.g. getting back to your home country).

IX. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
When using this website and especially when registering or booking a ticket for one of our events, or course access, we advise you to also visit the sections that lay out the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

X. Contacting Us
Please contact us for any questions you may have about these booking terms.

Veda Studies B.V.
Temselaan 100a
1853  Grimbergen
+32 495 345 144
VAT-number: BE 0783.571.443

The above address is not for visits.