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Shantala is a brilliant teacher, impeccable with everything, a real professional in Vedic chanting, she really knows her stuff. It is a pleasure to follow classes and workshops with her, I strongly recommend!

Francesca Di Rosso Batič, Brussels

Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Space Brussels

Shantala is touching the heart through chanting sanskrit mantras. She teaches very precisely having a deep knowledge of it ; it’s her true nature, even if she spent years bringing it to a very high level. I also appreciate the explanations she chooses to share  going there is magic. I warmly recommend !

Madeleine Rommel

Yoga Teacher, Prévention Yoga Massage

To have the opportunity to learn with Shantala is the best thing for me as a yoga practitioner. Both online and in live class, you will receive excellent teaching at your level. She is a brilliant and impeccable teacher. Her knowledge, intelligence and devotion truly are out of this world! Besides her proficiency in transmitting the Yoga Sutras, she makes the higher practice of Vedic chanting accessible for all. The online study platform offers an abundance of material to work with for many years to come. Self-study has never been this good, Shantala has embarked me on a lifelong practice.

Teune van der Wildt

Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Antwerp

Shantala’s trainings have enriched my own teaching, deepened my approach to the Vedas, enhance me to continue my personal practice and self-development.  Shantala guides her students smoothly through the tradition of Vedic chanting and with great clarity.  My deepest gratitude for this gift and her teachings that will continue to ripple through my life.

Nathalie Bonaventure, Bornem

Yoga Teacher, Shala Samsara

I was naturally drawn by the idea of deepening the study of the Yoga Sutras as I am doing a 500h Yoga teacher training. What I found on the way is far beyond what I could have imagine : the meditative effect of chanting, the power of sound and musicality regarding the memorization of the Sutras, a growing curiosity and interest for Sanskrit, the universality and the relevance of this ancient text… The aura of the Yoga Sutras is with me all the time. It nourrishes the questioning I have regarding my practice and it helps me to observe myself and others with clarity on many different levels in my daily life. Chanting and studying the Yoga Sutras has become a practice on its own. And it is now leading me to Veda recitation… A whole new world unfolding that I am eager to discover!

Claire Labye

Yoga Teacher, Kalmedou

I met Shantala a decade ago where we both practiced Ashtanga yoga together ! At the time where there were no Sanskrit or Chanting teachers in Belgium and I initiated the idea for her to share her knowing with us! Today I can’t express my gratitude and love for what she has accomplished!  I’m so thankful of what she does! Her passion, professionalism as a source of inspiration reaches out to many spiritual seekers.
I love every moment spending in her and her students’ company . For me chanting is a glorious moment of time spent to align myself to resource and empower, and as a busy Mom, yoga student, teacher, therapist and studio owner I appreciate every second of it ! An absolute recommendation to join her studies.
Ramona Rouhdoust

Founder & teacher, Let's Yoga & Shiatsu studio

Shantala puts heart into Mantra chanting and her teachings. She is always there with her smile on her face, trying to be compassionate with anybody who sits in the class – either a person who is advanced or complete beginner who has never seen some Sanskrit written word. From first lesson, you can feel her love and dedication to chanting and spirituality. She is a vigorous student who tries to study with many renowned Indian mantra teachers and then share knowledge with her students. I highly recommend becoming a student of hers:)

Stanislava Benova Cifra, Brussels

Yoga Teacher, Myogis Shala

Since I study with Shantala my practice and meditation have completely evolved to a new level. Her chanting classes help me to keep my mind more focused and to explore yoga philosophy in its purest tradition. Shantala really goes the extra mile to make difficult concepts understandable to everybody and she transmit her knowledge with such a passion that it makes you want to learn more and more. I also like that she brings those concepts in real life examples, so that we can immediately apply them. Her online system is very easy to use and is a wonderful support tool to review classes and to practice at home.

Lucia Vimercati

Yoga Teacher, Lucia Vimercati - Yoga & mindful cuisine

(French version below)

I am happy to share my experience of chanting Devi Suktam from the Rig Veda with Shantala.

 It is beautiful and brings a deep sense of joy. What I noticed about the practice: It
Awakens to the pleasure of making and hearing new sounds
Develops the physical ability to hear and express
Sharpens the sense of hearing
Vibrates the body with rhythm
Opens the heart to new frequencies
Helps develop single pointed attention
Expands the ability to remember
Permeates the being with a deep sense of joy in contact with the ancient texts
Brings the perfume of the invisible, of oneness in its delicate power and strength
Contacts the deep musical vibration beyond all meaning of the words

Hier nous avons terminé, avec Shantala,  le cycle (en 5 séances) consacré à l’hymne Devi Suktam (Rig Veda). C’est tellement beau! Je commence vraiment à ressentir le bénéfice du chanting et en éprouver des joies profondes. En quelques mots la pratique:
* fait travailler d’autres muscles de l’appareil phonatoire
* aiguise l’ouïe
* augmente le sens du rythme dans le récit
* donne du plaisir à émettre/entendre des sons inhabituels
* sensibilise à toute une palette de vibrations
* fait découvrir que le récit peut aussi être pure musique
* renforce la faculté de focalisation
* développe la mémoire
* permet de découvrir avec joie des textes sacrés qui touchent avec force et profondeur
* relie à l’invisible et plonge dans le mystère de l’Un
Meera Gobron

Avid Veda chanting & Sanskrit enthusiast