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Gaṇeśa Sūktam – Strength & Perseverance – Zoom!

January 19, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Ganesha statue in stone, ganesha temple

Gaṇeśa Sūktam

O Gaṇapati, O Indra, increase in us together,
and may that your perfection of mind be created in us.
Foster the thoughts, bring out the mind’s multiple powers.

A course of 5 classes to learn the very special and powerful Gaṇeśa Sūktam, a mantra from the Ṛg Veda-s recited to invoke Gaṇapati, bringing forth our best inner resources to work through obstacles on our spiritual path. The first 9 mantras of this hymn are a prayer to Indra, who strengthens our subtle body to receive the knowledge, the Truth.

Indra, the lord of the divine mind, helps human beings manifest and develop mental powers.

“He (Indra) comes into our world as the Hero with shining horses and slays darkness and division with his lightnings, pours down the life-giving heavenly waters, finds lost or hidden illuminations, makes the Sun of Truth mount high in the heaven of our mentality.” – Srī Aurobindo

O Gaṇapati, sit within us along with the gaṇa-s.
You are known as the most-wise among the seers.

Without you, no work can be done, either near or far.

Course objectives:

At the end of 5 classes, you will:

  • Learn the complete Gaṇeśa Sūktam along with all Vedic phonetic details.
  • Understand the meaning of each mantra along with some important key words useful for personal reflection and growth.
  • Learn the significance of Gaṇeśa & Indra in the Vedas and how that relates to our personal development.
  • Practice chanting with the teacher on Zoom at least once (more if you wish). All students will get a turn practising with the teacher.
  • Ensure correct learning through sharing a recording with the teacher each week.

Course curriculum with dates:

  1. 19th Jan – Mantras 1-3
  2. 26th Jan – Mantras 4-6
  3. 2nd Feb – Mantras 7-9
  4. 9th Feb – Mantras 10-12
    (Feb 16th – no class, holiday!)
  5. 23rd Feb – Full mantra practice + Significance

Course level:

Intermediate – Students should have knowledge of rules of Veda chanting and practice of at least some short mantra-s at the beginner level. This course is suitable for all students who have completed the Veda chanting six weeks beginner’s course. (You can listen to Shantala’s recitation of this hymn below!)

Course fee:

135€ (Self paced course of 110€ value free with this registration)
Please contact me via email, paying in instalments is possible if needed.

Course platform & resources included:

  • Course will be taught on Zoom. Each week, participants will receive the replay link (recording) from the class, which will be available for 1 week (until the next class). Therefore, if you miss a class, you can catch up with the recording.
  • A workbook is provided – with English transliteration & Devanagari along with meanings & detailed phonetic guides.
  • All students will receive lifetime access to the Gaṇeśa Sūktam (110€ value) self-paced course on the Veda Studies online platform – with downloadable texts, audio and video recordings for practice in between classes. This will be your study companion through the course and for future practice after course completion as well.
  • Zoom details will be sent to registered participants.
  • Course fee includes also evaluation of 2 recordings (First recording – within the first 2 weeks of the course & second within 2 weeks after course ends).

Shantala’s recitation of Gaṇeśa Sūktam Ṛg Veda:


January 19, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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