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Yoga Sūtras: Sādhana Pādaḥ – The practice chapter

September 22 @ 9:30 am - 10:40 am


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By the practice of yogic discipline or Sādhana, one is led towards spiritual illumination. A sādhaka is one who practices, applying his mind and intelligence with skill, dedication and devotion. Sādhana is the means to liberation.

Join us for this course that will run from September 2020 to March 2021 on 17 Tuesday mornings to learn the most practical chapter on Yoga – Sādhana Pāda, where we are given the clear means to practice Yoga. We explore these 55 sūtras or aphorisms through traditional call and response chanting, key concepts and teachings of the text through succinct explanations. Beginners are welcome to join, this chapter is in fact, a great place to start your study of the Yoga Sūtras.

In this course, we spend 3 classes on learning Sāṅkhyā principles which is key to understanding Yoga.

All students will receive access to an online learning platform to support their study, with recordings of chanting, handouts and videos of the discussions and explanations. Therefore, if you miss a lesson or need to revisit, all the class material will be available to catch up.

If you wish to sign up for an online-only study due to the timings or your work commitments, sign up for the course and leave a note that you will study “online only”.


Module 1

  1. Sept 22nd – Kriyā Yoga – The purpose of Kriyā yoga; Chanting Sūtras 1-10
  2. Sept 29th – Kleśa-s – Recognizing mental-emotional afflictions; Chanting Sūtras 5-15
  3. Oct 6th – Overcoming Kleśa-s ; Chanting Sūtras 10-20
  4. Oct 13th – Karma & its consequences; Chanting Sūtras 12-22
  5. Oct 20th – The principle of Duḥkha (Suffering); Chanting Sūtras 15-25

Oct 27th : no class!!

Module 2

  1. Nov 10th – Characteristics of Draṣṭṛ (Seer) & Dṛśya (Seen); Chanting Sūtras 17-27
  2. Nov 17th – Draṣṭṛ & Dṛśya continued (Sāṅkhyā basics); Chanting Sūtras 20-30
  3. Nov 24th – Sāṅkhyā basics wrap up; Chanting Sūtras 15-30
  4. Dec 1st – Viveka-Khyāti as the way to Kaivalya; Chanting Sūtras 25-35
  5. Dec 8th – Aṣṭāṅga as the means to attain liberation; Chanting Sūtras 28-38


Module 3

  1. Jan 19th – Yamas & their universality; Chanting Sūtras 29-39
  2. Jan 26th – Niyamas & Pratipakṣa Bhāvana; Chanting Sūtras 32-42
  3. Feb 2nd – Side benefits of Yamas; Chanting Sūtras 35-45
  4. Feb 9th – Side benefits of Niyamas; Chanting Sūtras 40-50

Feb 16th – no class, Carnaval!!

  1. Feb 23rd – Āsana; Chanting Sūtras Chanting Sūtras 45-55
  2. March 2nd – Prāṇāyāma & Pratyahāra Chanting Sūtras 49-55
  3. March 9th – Summary & Assignment information– Sādhana Pāda

Please note in case a class has to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, the dates will change a little and everyone will be informed.

Assignment and certificate

An optional assignment submission is available for those who would like to receive a certificate of completion for this course. All assignment submissions will take place online and by the end of April 2021.

Course fee:

Full course pay by July 15th 2020: 260EUR

Full course pay after July 15th 2020: 310EUR

Questions: info@VedaStudies.com


September 22
9:30 am - 10:40 am
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