Weekend workshops are offered to gain competence and deepen your knowledge on specific topics. Once or twice a year there are special workshops to initiate beginners into the practice of Veda recitation. Here, you can have a detailed experiential understanding of all the rules of Veda recitation which makes this practice unique.
We also invite teachers from India to offer you an opportunity to study Vedanta with experts.

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Veda chanting for beginners

An initiation for beginners into the practice of Veda chanting. If you would like a structured start to this practice, these experiential workshops will guide you through the strict framework of rules to follow, while helping you appreciate the immediate benefits of Veda recitation. 

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Vedanta with Neema & Surya

A beautiful teaching from exceptional teachers Neema and Surya who visit us each year from India to share their extensive knowledge in Vedanta. They teach in a captivating way, with story telling, traditional chanting and guided meditations.

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