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Āyurmantraḥ – mantra for health

March 27, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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I’m happy to offer this special 2 hour workshop to explore the idea of wellness in the Vedas and learn a short and beautiful prayer for health. This mantra has personally been very important to me in my own journey of recovering from a serious and sudden health situation I faced 4 years ago and I’m grateful to share this practice.

The Vedas are the collective wisdom and experience of over 400 Rsi-s or Seers and the source texts of Yoga. The Vedas show us that health & well-being is much more than the physical aspect we tend to focus on. The mantras and prayers for health always link the body, mind, senses, vital energies (prāṇa) and awareness. In this workshop we will look into this completeness of well-being in the Vedas with examples. Participants will also learn a short, beautiful mantra for well-being along with its meaning (Āyurmantraḥ).

I’ll talk a bit about the “may you live a long life” and “may you live to be a 100” blessing that is so common in India, by quoting the source mantra for this sentiment and explaining its deeper significance.

Through my wise teachers, my family and my own experience of suffering through illness, there is much I have learned about “being there” for someone unwell and the role of prayer in one’s well-being. I look forward to sharing on Saturday!

Workshop fee: €45
(For students facing financial constraints, please write to me for a donation based participation)

Students will receive:

  1. A complete recording of the 2 hour workshop – which can be downloaded as well.
  2. A workbook with all the presentation material of the workshop, text for chanting in Devanāgari & English transliteration and meaning of the mantra.
  3. MP3s of the mantra – a teaching version & a complete version.
  4. Interactive live workshop – students can ask questions and will also be invited to practice the mantra and receive feedback (and no problem if you don’t wish to chant live in class, just send me a message and I will not call you!)

Āyurmantraḥ chanting by students of Veda Studies:


March 27, 2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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